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Welcome to PFSI, a Division of Demilec Inc. as we are proudly known in the industry. The experts at PFSI are specialists in all aspects of Polyurethane foam products. These products include:

Insulation and Air Barriers......our flagship products called Polarfoam 7300-0 and Heatlok 0240 are known as "The All-In-One Insulating and Air Barrier Wall Systems"

1. General Purpose foams

2. Pour in Place foam products

3. Flexible foam products

4. Industrial coatings

5. Polyurethane foam roofing systems

We also sell machinery, equipment, parts and rigs along with conducting full training in the art of spraying polyurethane foam. Courses are for certification and in conjunction with the Canadian Urethane foam Contractors Association (CUFCA).

Our head office is located in Waterloo, Ontario Canada with seven warehouses across Canada.

Browse our website and view our complete Product list in more detail. Even better, contact us directly for personalized service.